Thursday, November 11

Kaktuz Band

The band personnel ANWAR (vocals), Sift (guitar), SHELAN (bass) and Nana (drums) was formed in early 2006 that the underlying on the similarity of their respective hobby is music and working personnel. By carrying out the alternative pop music we want to liven up the music on ground water and could be part of it. Initially we take the name of paradise, but in mid-2007 we agreed to replace it with the name KAKTUZ.

Name KAKTUZ emerged from our inspiration of the cactus plant itself, where the philosophy of our cactus are plants that used to live in the desert and can grow and thrive even with a limited water source and in the middle of the hot sun. Likewise with KAKTUZ who want to can continue to exist and develop and can compete in the heat and intense competition in the country music. And we hope that our music and songs from can also be received as well as to entertain music lovers in all walks of life.

Costum desaign and basecamp KAKTUZ in Sragen DISTRO 88 which is one of the leading distro in town Sragen and also who have been backing up all our costumes. By carrying out several singles through indie like Bukan Cinta Pertama (BCP), INGINKU, Kau & Dia (in my heart), we introduce the music and songs from KAKTUZ and try to measure how the response from music lovers, and it turns out the music and songs than we could accepted. Two of our songs are useless and WITHOUT HADIRMU also been entered in the album under the label BUANA COMPILATION MUSIKITA SOLO, which is the beginning of a journey from us to climb the country music world.

Downloads Track listing :
01. Kaktuz Band - Ampuni Aku .mp3
02. Kaktuz Band - Kau Dan Dia .mp3
03. Kaktuz Band - Kembali .mp3
04. Kaktuz Band - Melupakanmu .mp3
05. Kaktuz Band - Percuma .mp3
06. Kaktuz Band - Tanpa Hadirmu .mp3
07. Kaktuz Band - Inginku .mp3
08. Kaktuz Band - Bukan Cinta Pertama .mp3
09. Kaktuz Band - Rapuh .mp3
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