Thursday, November 11

The Potter's Album Bintangku (2009)

It seems there is one more new Indonesian idol who comes from a new band after Indra Prime Sinaga or Dragon Lyla who is still a idol. He is Rizky The Potters. Rizki is a vocalist of The Potters are hits with the song "Supercharge". Band of Lampung is trying to achieve success in the arena of Indonesian music. The band is called The Potter's is comprised of Frank Rizki Aditya aka Rizki (23 th) (vocals), Jeremiah Jason Paul aka Jason (26 th) (guitarist), Benny Fernando alias Benny (25 th) (drummer), and also Bonix Abdul Kadir alias Bonix (25 th) (bass). "Star" became their debut album The Potters are filled with ten (10) songs. The song "Supercharge" was his first hit single. While other songs that seem to be the singles champion of The Potters of them is "Aw ... Aw", "President of Love" and "Tania". After fenonema Band and in demand sweetness of Green Leaf, we are now ready to spend some attention to this newcomer band. Although a newcomer, The Potters are slowly but surely been stealing the hearts of the fans. S'potter's so called for his fans already widely spread in various cities in Indonesia. Of course this boast because it is proof that The Potter's can be accepted by the community of Indonesian music lovers.

Downloads Track listing :
01. The Potter's - Terangilah .mp3
02. The Potter's - Kapan Lagi .mp3
03. The Potter's - Temani Masa Tua .mp3
04. The Potter's - Tania .mp3
05. The Potter's - Aw Aw .mp3
06. The Potter's - Belahan Jiwa .mp3
07. The Potter's - President Cinta .mp3
08. The Potter's - Keterlaluan
09. The Potter's - Arti Cinta Sejati .mp3
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