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Peterpan is a poprock band from Bandung, Indonesia, which are now members stay 4. The band was formed in 1997 and is famous thanks to the songs' What She Did, "" Mask ", and" I told The Beautiful ". Initially the group consisted of Ariel Peterpan, Uki, Loekman, Reza, Andika, and Indra. But in November 2006, two members, Andika and Indra was fired from the band. The split was triggered by the difference principle of creativity.

Taman Langit :
Musica Studios record company did not miss the potential for peterpan. Musica accelerate the filing of contracts for the debut album peterpan. Finally peter titled debut album was released Sky Park in June 2003. No warning, the album can sell 650,000 copies in the above figure. Of their achievement, they received the Multi Platinum for the album Garden of Heaven.

Not only the number of sales, peter also successful concert marathon record in six provinces within 24 hours on July 18, 2004. The concert titled "LA Lights Peterpan 24 Hour Breaking Record" was started in Medan, North Sumatra at about 7:55 until 8:40 pm. From there, they then proceed in Padang, West Sumatra at around 10:45 until 11:30 pm. At 12:55 hours until 13:40 pm, Peterpan concert in Pekanbaru, Riau, Lampung continues at 16:25 hours until 17:10 pm. Ariel then opened the concert in Semarang, Central Java, at around 19:45 and ended at 20:30 pm. Peterpan concert in Surabaya was closed around 22:15 pm until 23:00 pm. Top of this achievement, they are entitled to be recorded in the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

Download Tracks List :
Peterpan full Album ( Taman Langit ) 2003
01. Peterpan - Taman Langit .mp3
02. Peterpan - Sahabat .mp3
03. Peterpan - Semua Tetang Kita .mp3
04. Peterpan - Mimpi Yang Sempurna .mp3
05. Peterpan - Tertinggal Waktu .mp3
06. Peterpan - Dan Hilang .mp3
07. Peterpan - Satu Hati .mp3
08. Peterpan - Topeng .mp3
09. Peterpan - Aku Dan Bintang .mp3
10. Peterpan - Kita Ketawa .mp3

Download Tracks List :
Peterpan full Album ( Bintang Di Surga) 2004
01. Peterpan - Mungkin Nanti .mp3
02. Peterpan - Bintang Disurga .mp3
03. Peterpan - Ada Apa Denganmu .mp3
04. Peterpan - Aku .mp3
05. Peterpan - 2 DSD .mp3
06. Peterpan - Di Atas Normal .mp3
07. Peterpan - Di Belakangku .mp3
08. Peterpan - Kukatakan Dengan Indah .mp3
09. Peterpan - Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi .mp3
10. Peterpan - Masalalu Tertinggal .mp3
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