Saturday, November 13

ST12 Album Pangeran Cinta (2010)

ST 12 is Indonesian band that was founded in Bandung, West Java in 2004. This group was founded by Ilham Febry aka Pepep (drums), Dedy Sudrajat alias Pepeng (guitar), Muhammad van Houten aka Charly Charly (vocalist), and Iman Rush (guitarist). ST 12 own name is short for Jl. Setasiun Timur No. 12, which is the headquarters of the gathering band. Until now, ST 12 has produced 5 albums of music.
Debut album, The Best Way was released. Unfortunately, when the album promotional tour in Semarang, Iman Rush died from rupture of blood vessels in the brain in October 2005.
The success of their debut album ST12 make ogled Trinity Optima Production. ST12 PUSPA also released a second album (2008) dedicated to the Iman.
Pangeran Cinta is a major music album by ST 12. Released in 2010. The main song on this album is Aku Padamu.

Downloads Track listing : ( Album Pangeran Cinta )
01. ST12 - Terlalu .mp3
02. ST12 - Setiaku .mp3
03. ST12 - Aku Padamu .mp3
04. ST12 - Dunia Pasti Berputar .mp3
05. ST12 - Pangeran Cinta .mp3
06. ST12 - Masa Kecil .mp3
07. ST12 - Lady Sky .mp3
08. ST12 - Aku Terjatuh .mp3
09. ST12 - Anugrah Cinta .mp3
10. ST12 - I Love You .mp3
11. ST12 - sayyidina .mp3
12. ST12 - Sebuah Kenyataan .mp3
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